Monday, 23 June 2008

SoftBank iPhone pricing!

Breaking News! iPhone will be offered as a part of SoftBank's White Plan

For Official Softbank Press Release click here.

8GB model - 23,040Yen, monthly charge 980Yen , Data Plan 5,985Yen
+ (315Yen monthly - S! Basic Pack) =

7,280Yen monthly plus Phone Price:

8GB - 23,040Yen
16GB - 34,560 Yen

(It is also possible to get it with Blue and Organe Plan.)

Phone Price will be paid in monthly installments:

8GB model:

Monthly installment 2,880Yen × 24 months
Special discount 1,920Yen×24 months
Phone Cost: 960Yen×24months=23,040Yen

16GB model:

Monthly installment 3,360Yen × 24 months
Special discount 1,920Yen×24 months
Phone Cost: 1,440Yen×24months=34,560Yen

Click here to read how Special Discount works
More about White Plan in English click here.

More Details here!


DJmizuhara said...

Awesome news...July 11th can't come soon enough!

Don said...

Awesome, I like the Internet Fee it is so much cheaper than the price for X series !

Mike said...

Softbank are making a killing!! - Fee too expensive, let DoCoMo into the game!

Anonymous said...

a killing??? it is SOOO CHEAP! compare to other countries where there is no even unlimited data!

Kyoko said...

hi, I have Iphone 1.1.1, and I am going to visit Japan for short time, is it possible to buy sim card there and use temporarily? Thanks for any info.

Anonymous said...

Only iPhone 3G will work in Japan, there is no GSM over here

Anonymous said...

You cannot use your original iphone for making calls in Japan. You can rent a local phone and put your iphone SIM card inside it so that you can keep using your phone number ( Of course you can use the data features of your original iphone where you can find (or create) a WiFi network.

M. said...

Hey! I´ll be travelling to japan this month and I wanted to buy an Iphone there. So,

1. Can I buy it unlocked, for working in Portugal? How much would it cost me?
2. If I can´t buy it unlocked, can I buy it even being a foreigner? And yet, how much will it cost me then?

Can anyone answer this questions please? :)

Thank youuu,


Anonymous said...


Forget about buying an iPhone in Japan.

1. You cannot get an unlocked iPhone. FYI, nearly all phones in Japan are SIM-locked and they phone providers don't unlock the phones after a certain period. This also applies for the iPhone

2. You will always have to sign up for a contract with Softbank Japan and you can only do that if you are living in Japan. You will need provide proff in form of a Japanese driver license or an 'alien registration card' (=foreigner's passport).

I heard that buying an iPhone in Switzerland is rather cheap. Not sure if this is true though.

David said...

I have an iPhone 3G that I bought in the US. Will I be able to buy a Japan sim card and make it work with softbank?

David said...

Just to clarify, I am willing to buy a softbank plan and use it in Japan...

Steve said...

Hi there,
Called in at Softbank yesterday to find out cost of iphone. I wanted to buy the phone outright and then just pay for the following:
white plan 980 yen
sbasic 315 yen
data plan 5895
basic option 500 yen
This gave a total of 7690 yen and when the discount of 1920 yen was applied I would be left paying a monthly charge of 5770 yen. I am an existing softbank customer so it was explained that i would have to pay off my existing contract. All that appears to be clear but I was confused when the assistant explained that to buy the iphone as a one off purchase it would cost 87,840 yen. Is this correct or have things got confused somewhat in translation? Any help would be greatly appreciated

Lynn said...

Steve: I had been told the same thing - that as an existing Softbank customer, you either pay for the iPhone in 24 monthly installments or if you want to pay for everything at one go, it would cost over 80,000 yen. If I was on the 24-month plan and then had to break the contract, if I understood the salesperson correctly, I would have to pay off the rest of the amount also. By the way, if you get the iPhone, it'll be a new e-mail address, but you can still keep your old number.

The sim card also looks to be locked inside the case. At least, I can't find a slot to get it out.

I also can't, for some reason, access my keitai sites through Safari; it seems to be only regular websites that are reachable - even though I'm not using a wi-fi connection. Does anyone know how to get this to work properly please? =)

Anonymous said...



praxa from hamamatsu said...

pagando aa vist sai por 80mil en

parcelado sai pela metade do price.

soh ue ficamos aa merce da operadora!

contrato por 2 anos!

a machineeh completa sim quero Uma!!

NakDayan said...

Por favor, então quer dizer se eu pagar a vista o iphone, é 80,00? e seu eu pagar parcelado é pela metade do preço? é isso mesmo? e se eu comprar o iphone parcelado e perde -lo? como seria? teria que pagar o resto avista, ou poderia continuar a pagar as parcelas?.

Anonymous said...

I recently updated to the new iphone but unfortunatly they can't wire transfer my phone book and previous information. what they did was upload the infot to their servers and then told me to go to the softbank website and download it to my phone. I just may be retarded but i can't seem to find any link that will help do that. anyone have any insight as to where the link might be? thanks in advance.

Dale said...

i recently got the iphone and had to transfer my numbers from the softbank server. this was an extreme pain in the arse and took me a couple of hours to do due to lack of instruction from softbank.

you will recieve an sms with your password to access the server(not your email password)
then go to
then you go to いますぐ(?)行する
put in your number and password and select 全(?)フルダウンロード then you can download the file which is a comma seperated values documnent (CSV) and you have to import it into a japanese version of outlook to assign the values and then export it to an English version where you can finally download it through itunes to your iphone.
the worst part is assigning all the values for the fields in japanese outlook.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Dale, thanks for sharing!

Doug said...

Is there anyone out there that can confirm Japanese I-phones have a SIM slot?
I'm planning on getting the phone through a connection of mine in Japan, then unlocking it in the UK.


David said...

Yes, the Japanese iPhones have a sim slot.

Sandro said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Is it true that the Japanese driver's license is enough proof of residency in order to get the iPhone and be able to pay it off in monthly rates?
I was told that if you didn't have a valid visa for 2 or more years, you had to pay the phone up front?
Thanks for any help

Anonymous said...

Does anybody have information if its possible to buy an unlocked iphone from Tokyo airport (NRT)? Im going there soon, but have only few minutes to spent there.

Or does anybody know any other airports where to buy unlocked iphones in asia? Im also going to Beijing, Shanghai and Seoul etc in the near future. Thanks in advance!

Farid said...

You will not be able to buy unlocked Iphone in Tokyo. I have heared that in Taiwan you can buy unlocked one.

Farid said...

Dear all,
Please help me!!!
I want to buy Softbank Iphone and use it in Japan for two years. After that can I unlocked and use it in my country? Any body has the exprience of unlocking softbank Iphone?

Anonymous said...

yes, you can unlock any softbank phone anytime you want but only if unlock is supported by phone spec.

But don't either ask softbank and also don't expect any support once you get the phone unlocked.. because as soon as you unlock your phone your support contract is violated.

Anonymous said...

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Ponnial said...

I bought a iPhone in France and got it deblocked. I tried to subscribe a contract in japan with Softbank and since I leave and have leaved here many years I thought I could switch easaly form Docomo to Softbank using my iPhone.
But that's not the case. Softbank refuse to contract on a iPhone bought in a foreign country. No reason. Just a refusal that they don't even specifiy in their documents.
So I am with my iPhone and Ican't use it as a phone !!!

Anonymous said...

You can buy a cheap softbank phone and take the sim card out and use it in your iPhone. Make sure u sign up for the unlimited packet flat rate full though or else you could end up with a 50000yen phone bill!

Anonymous said...

Well as a Docomo customer- could I put my Docomo sim into an iphone from softbank- given that I would have to pay off the cost of the phone it hardly seems worth it- man they get you with those family is tied to docomo....

rizki said...

how to unlock a softbank iPhone? any website/reference how to do it?

Lee Nguyen said...

i am living in Vietnam, i have some friends in Japan and i want to buy Iphone 3G, 16G and bring back to Vietnam. I can unlock and use SIM card in Vietnam?
now in vietnam, use GSM, not 3G

Anonymous said...

helo .... does those iphone in japan same hardware with other iphone??

Anonymous said...

Hey everybody I went to Softbank today with a unlocked 3g from Australia and an unlocked 2g from china we tried their sim card in both phones and neither worked I would love to have a phone that has a simcard that I could swap out when I travel because my Japanese phone cost way to freaking much to roam on so if anyone with a way to unlock a Japanese or has done it already the info would be greatly appreciated

Anonymous said...

hello, i am from NEPAL i want to buy 3G iPhone or my japanese friend will bring me from JAPAN, does it works in my country NEPAL? Please suggest.

Sagar said...

Hello, I am from NEPAL, i want to buy or one of my friend will bring me 3G iPhone for me from JAPAN, does it work in NEPAL ? plese suggest.

SRK Herry said...

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Raven said...

I live in Japan and my old AU phone broke recently. My contract is close to over so instead of extending, I've been thinking about getting an iPhone, problem with that, is that I may only be in Japan another five months. I'd have no problem paying for it in full before leaving, but would I be able to use my iPhone in the states? I don't want to drop all that cash for only five months of usage.

Sheryl said...

do you know where can i buy japanese phones that accepts paypal payments?

chloe said...

this all sounds very complicated, but i live in australia and will be going to japan in december. i really want an iphone, but have no idea if it will work in australia once i get it. 'vodafone' (a phone company in australia) also offer the iphone, but for a lot more money. do you think i'd be able to put a vodafone sim card in a japanese/softbank iphone when im back in aus? and for the cliche: thanks mate. =)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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brian.sousa said...
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Anonymous said...

I have a Softbank 3G iPhone and will be returning to the US in June. Can I use this phone to sign up for a plan with AT&T?

If so, do I need to unlock the phone some how?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I have an unlocked at&t iphone, would I be able to get a softbank sim and make it work on my iphone??

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iPhone Application Developer said...

Fee too expensive, let DoCoMo into the game! Awesome news...July 11th can't come soon enough!

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Anonymous said...

Can i buy an i phone from japan and use it in another country?

Kannan Krish said...

can i buy iphone 5 in softbank and unlock it and use in India. any one answer my question

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Safdar said...

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