Thursday, 26 June 2008

Softbank internal staff meeting

SoftBank held "iPhone internal staff meeting". There are some informations circulating on the Japanese blogosphere and around iPhone community. Of course we can not be 100% sure about their authenticity, but since most of them came to us from different sources in the same version, we treat them as highly probable.

  • About the contract: In case of the new contracts there will be three payment methods: Credit Card, Bank Transfer and Automatic Transfer from the Post Office Account. No cash and convenient store payments. MNP and plan changing customers who used to pay by cash will have to change their payment method.
  • Inventory: Ten iPhones are packed inside of a distribution package. Each store will get about 30 of them Decision about exact amount of iPhones distributed among the stores will be made on July 4th.
  • Phonebook migration: There will be no phonebook migration service in the stores (copying contacts to iPhone from your old phone) . Windows migration utility will be distributed on a CD. "3G Cable" will be sold separately.
  • USIM card: Special USIM card will not work with foreign devices. iPhone won't operate without proper USIM card.
  • Apple Store: Apple Stores are not equipped with SoftBank's systems, thus iPhone can not be sold-activated there. Properly equipped (GINIE SoftBank system) volume sellers and stores should be able to handle selling of iPhones.
  • There will be "two steps" activation. First step - SoftBank store, Second step - iTunes activation at home.
There are also many rumors that the selling of 16GB iPhone was postponed. That is of course not good information as many of us are going for higher capacity iPhone.


Paul D. said...

Wow, they're setting the bar lower and lower for customer service with the iPhone. It's looking less and less likely I'll be getting one.

Johny Bony said...

oh c'mon iPhone is a totally different animal so they need to accommodate

Konstantin Vorobyev said...

Please anybody explain the difference between acceptable payment methods. I don't have a cellphone, but I have a bank account in UFJ bank and a cash card. Is it enough?

Alan said...

should be enough! in the worst case scenario get an UFJ VISA!

Anonymous said...

Will that be 30 a store or 300 a store?