Monday, 23 June 2008

iPhone 3G Price Plan - more details

"White Plan" for iPhone is called White Plan (i), same goes with Orange and Blue plans - Orange (i), Blue (i)

  • S! Mail is not available! new mail service exclusively for iPhone will be called email (i) and your mail address will be in the domain contrary to the current S! Mail domain - That being said, current SoftBank customers who switch to iPhone will need to change their SoftBank email address.
  • Student discount is not available.
  • There is a special USIM (SIM card) for iPhone. Customers who change their SoftBank phone to iPhone will be required to exchange their SIM card. Moreover, dedicated iPhone USIM (SIM card) can not be used in other phones. That prevents iPhone to be used with regular SoftBank price plans and additionally locks the device.
  • Voice call charges, plan's free minuets, basic charges are the same as the current price plans, for example in case of White Plan (i) voice calls to other domestic carriers' handsets as well as voice calls within SoftBank from 9PM till 1AM cost 21Yen per 30 sec. (42Yen per minute, tax included) - just as regular White Plan.
  • Tada tomo mail discount service can not be used with Email (i).
  • New Super Bonus Discount service works exactly the same.
  • Data plan is required.
So how much iPhone 3G will cost you? In case of White Plan:

16GB Model (tax included):

3360Yen iPhone installment
5985Yen data plan
315Yen S-Basic Plan
980Yen White Plan (i)
6Yen Universal Service

-1920Yen monthly discount

TOTAL: 8726Yen per month

8GB Model (tax included)
TOTAL: 8246Yen per month


Anonymous said...

So what if another Softbank user sends an SMS to your phone number?

Anonymous said...

Can you pay for the iphone up front to reduce your monthly payment or not? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I wondered the same thing about paying for the phone upfront.

Anthony OPL said...

I wonder if one will be able to bring their own iPhone to the table. I will be coming to Japan from Australia next April for a year of study and hope to obtain my iPhone here this July.

Anonymous said...

only if you unlock it

AndyJapan said...

I can understand that Softbank wants to prevent customers from using cheaper calling plans or other carriers by locking the iPhone with USIM card. However, I wonder if they unlock it after a certain period (2 years?). If not, the iPhone is not of interest for me as I travel to the US and Europe and want to use the phone with prepaid SIM cards. Any idea if an unlocked iPhone from USA would work in Japan and offer the functionality of a Japanese iPhone?

wisdoms said...

Hi guys,

as far as you know, does the iPhone 3G for japanese market work in EU?

Anonymous said...

just bought a iphone 3g and i asked if i can pay and she gave me the price 80000 yen. and i was arguing about.. it was the first day so she wasnt sure what she was doing. anyway sms are free softbank to softbank phones. you have to set up your mail account to see softbank emails. any other questions mertwiper at gmail(dot) com

M. said...

Hey! I´ll be travelling to japan this month and I wanted to buy an Iphone there. So,

1. Can I buy it unlocked, for working in Portugal? How much would it cost me?
2. If I can´t buy it unlocked, can I buy it even being a foreigner? And yet, how much will it cost me then?

Can anyone answer this questions please? :)

Thank youuu,


Leiko said...

1. you can not buy unlocked iPhone in Japan

2. you can not buy iPhone on your tourist visa

Anonymous said...

iphone unlocking software has been is simple..try that

Anonymous said...

I brought my iphone in shizuoka last month...i.e january 2009, and they are charged me 76000 yen for that...what is this thing about 23,000 or something for iphone?? are softbank trying to fool people?

Anonymous said...

Beware of buying the iPhone if you a mixi user, mixi does not recognize the iphone email address which has the domain

aerotiq said...

Question: I purchase an iphone in Japan and use it will Softbanks' regular iphone plans using their USIM. Can I unlock the phone, go to the U.S. for holidays, and use a AT&T or T-mobile contracted SIM? Then when I go back to Japan, will it still work with Softbanks USIM?

Basically I'm asking if whether an unlocked Japanese Iphone will work normally with Softbank in Japan and AT&T/T-mobile here.

rajib kumar said...

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mikesingle2000 said...

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ADORA said...

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