Saturday, 28 June 2008

Omotesando - iPhone SoftBank event!

Omotesando, Softbank's flagship store.

7/11 - Worldwide iPhone selling event will be held at the Sofbank Omotesando store. Unlike in the United States iPhone 3G will not be sold at the Apple Store Japan. Thus, a special event will be organized at the Ometosando Softbank's flagship store starting from the morning (7/11). We don't know the details concerning the event but it looks like it will be co-organized with Apple Japan. In the other SoftBank's stores iPhone 3G will be sold starting from 9AM. SoftBank will sell iPhone through its online store starting from 7/11 as well.


Konstantin Vorobyev said...

How will they sell an iphone via online store if you have to activate device in the shop?

Don said...

Maybe it will be pre-activated?