Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Free iPhones in Japan

Starting from tomorrow (28 Feb) SoftBank reduces the cost of 8GB iPhone to 0 (zero) Yen. It means free 8GB iPhone with the 2 years contract. SoftBank calls it: "iPhone for everybody campaign".

Cost of the unlimited Internet access (pakehodai) was reduced to 4100Yen.

Prices for 16-gigabyte iPhones will also be slashed from 34560 yen to 11520 yen.



Nerima-ku said...

So the obvious question. Will Softbank demand you have 27 months or more remaining on your current visa, to "pay" for this 0 yen iphone?

Anonymous said...

Yes of course, because it is not ZERO YEN, it is zero yen WITH the 26 months contract, if you cancel the contract you have to pay full price

doux0426 said...

O yen means, get all "monthly discount"(1280yen/per month) after 24 payments. This campaign is monthly fee, 1280yen + inertnet fee 315yen + internet unlimited discount option fee 1029yen~ total 2624yen, its minimum fee. But most foreign person cannot install 24 payments, so probably, if you buy an iPhone in Japan, you need pay up front 30720yen (8G). 16G is 42240yen (monthly cost 1760yen). If you cancel under the 2 years, you need pay cancellation fee of 9975yen. This 2 year contract is automatically renewed for 2 years. contract cancellation must be submitted by the customer.

Anonymous said...

I just got the 16 GB one, which cost me 42240 Yen upfront. Kojima was offering 1.5man in points plus Softbank had 1man in coupons. I figured that was a pretty good deal.

So if I stay with Softbank for 2 years, which I intend to, I will basically get 24x1280 Yen back, right?

Anonymous said...

I don`t think you`ll get the iphone 8gb free.The 0yen means you don`t have to pay it for the first time you make 24 months contract with them but you need to pay monthly for 26 months.The iphone 8gb not free.You have to understand it.

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