Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Softbank's new data plan for iPhone

Revised Plan will vary according to the usage. Now you can cut down your monthly payment from 7280Yen to 2990Yen if you only use around 2MB (20175 packets) of 3G data.


M. said...

Hey! I´ll be travelling to japan this month and I wanted to buy an Iphone there. So,

1. Can I buy it unlocked, for working in Portugal? How much would it cost me?
2. If I can´t buy it unlocked, can I buy it even being a foreigner? And yet, how much will it cost me then?

Can anyone answer this questions please? :)

Thank youuu,


(sorry the repost)

Anonymous said...

You can NOT buy unlocked iPhones in Japan

M. said...

Ok, bad news then... In this case, can you tell me if it is possible to find one in other places (not Softbank)...? Honestly, it`s not an issue to me if I need to buy it in some sort of black market..
Thank ypu very much,


Lenard said...

Just got my iPhone a while ago because f this good news.

The salesman didnt know how to speak english so i had a hard time understanding him.

Anyway just to clarify, if i use 2MB or less i will be paying the minimum amount which is Y1695, then add up till the ceiling of Y5985?

mastermind said...

1 Packet = 128K
7812 Packets = 1MB
Softbank plan ramps up to 71250 Packets then flat rate kicks in.
71250/7812 = 9.1MB of 3G data. This is an absolute joke! If you get an iPhone and don't use any of it's functionality then you may see a drop in your bill, otherwise forget about it.