Friday, 4 July 2008

Japanese iPhone video tour

Apple sent out its lengthy video detailing the iPhone's 3G many features and uses. Instead of Bob Borchers we can see Japanese narrator wearing the same collarless black shirt. Unlike US version Japanese one does not present GPS navigation and traffic on the Google maps. How many more differences can you find?


Konstantin Vorobyev said...

hey hey hey, stop, the maps related part of video is completely identical to US video, but I don't understand Japanase :(. And you can't use iphone for navigation purposes, not only for Japan, but worldwide, Apple announced this before, and as far as I know google maps doesn't support traffic reports for Tokyo and Japan.

Bill said...

konstantin, are you nuts? look again at the US video they look for the pizza place and NAVIGATE to it

Konstantin Vorobyev said...

Yes, you are right, I've just checked the full version not "what's new". But google maps doesn't support these features in Japan, you can't view traffic reports, and you can't use google maps for navigation (I tried to find a route between two points in Tokyo and two points in New York, behavior is completely different), so, it's not an iphone limitation, we should wait for these features from Google